• Country: Moldova
  • Manufacturer: SP Laboratory
  • Packing: 20 tablets
  • Active ingredient: Cabergoline
  • Concentration: 0.25 mg/tab
  • Price for: jar
  • Current availability: 24 pcs.
  • Country: Moldova
  • Manufacturer: SP Laboratory
  • Packing: 20 tablets
  • Active ingredient: Cabergoline
  • Concentration: 0.25 mg/tab
  • Price for: jar
  • Current availability: 24 pcs.
  • Country: Moldova
  • Manufacturer: SP Laboratory
  • Packing: 20 tablets
  • Active ingredient: Cabergoline
  • Concentration: 0.25 mg/tab
  • Price for: jar
  • Current availability: 24 pcs.


Buy SP Cabergoline (Cabergoline) for use in sports disciplines

Cabergoline is a synthetic substance that has become an integral part of sports pharmacology preparations. Also known as an ergot alkaloid, known scientifically as a marsupial poisonous fungus that parasitizes cereal plants. For many years it has been successfully used to treat problems of the intimate sphere in men and women. In bodybuilding, as a safe analogue of bromocriptine, it has found its use to restore hormonal levels, which can be disturbed in connection with the use of heavy steroids. You can buy SP Cabergoline in our online store at the manufacturer's price.

Mechanism of action

In the last century in the United States, this drug was marketed by Pharmacia under the trade name Dostinex. To date, the drug is on sale around the world under different brands, Sp Lab is no exception.
What is the reason for the popularity of this drug? First of all, it lies in the ability to remove the main negative effects of the use of anabolics, such as Deca and Trenbolone, since it lowers the level of prolactin. According to the principle of operation, the active substance is an agonist of dopamine receptors of pituitary cells. The hormone inhibits the secretion of prolactin and restores normal hormonal levels. Very often, athletes, bodybuilders drink Cabergoline tablets on a drying course. A decrease in the concentration of prolactin contributes to the removal of fluid that lingers in the body.As a result, the growth of high-quality dry muscle mass is enhanced, the fibers acquire a beautiful relief. It is recommended to buy cabergoline Kyiv for everyone who uses hormones of the AAS group.

Application of Cabergoline

The price of cabergoline allows you to easily buy and take this drug at any time, which is what athletes use in their practice. The tool has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in practice in interaction with Trenbolone and Nandrolone. Before starting the use of this substance, it is necessary to pass an analysis on the amount of content of the natural level of the hormone. The calculation of the dose of the active substance will depend on this.

What dosages to use?

Cabergoline instruction states that if the hormone level is within acceptable limits, the dose will be 0.25 mg every 4 days. In the case of an increase in the natural hormone, the intake will be carried out in the same dosage, but once every two days. The combination of Cabergoline with anabolics helps to eliminate swelling of the face and muscles.
If the athlete refuses to take drugs with progestin activity, then a different dose is used. The drug is taken 1 time in 10 days, 0.5 mg. Cabergoline is also widely used by bodybuilders if they set out to increase their performance without AAS. For this purpose, another scheme of reception is suitable. It is necessary to control the level of the hormone prolactin. Norm for men – 75.8 μIU / ml – 521.2 μIU / ml
With a drop in prolactin levels, the following symptoms are observed:

  • Decrease in the protective functions of the body,
  • fatigue, depression,
  • sense of anxiety,
  • loss of appetite,
  • inhibition of testosterone production.

The higher level is characterized by:

  • fast fatiguability,
  • decreased sex drive,
  • infertility.

If such adverse reactions occur, it is imperative to stop the use of cabergoline. After canceling, the functions will recover by themselves. In this case, it will be possible to continue the course, with a decrease in the frequency of administration and a decrease in dosage.

Possible side effects

Violations in the body begin when the prescribed dosages are not observed. Failures can occur in different systems of the body, manifesting as:

  • Insomnia, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, depression, nervousness, aggression, irritability.
  • Sense organs – visual impairment.
  • Rash on the body, irritation on the skin, hypersensitivity to the component of the drug.
  • Hypotension, disruption of the mitral valves, lowering blood pressure.
  • Dyspeptic disorders, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation.


Before you start taking the drug, it is important to consult with your doctor to exclude the presence of contraindications to taking the drug.
These include:

  • individual sensitivity,
  • Respiratory system disorders
  • Arterial hypertension,
  • Fibrosis of the pericardium and lungs,
  • Eclampsia and preeclampsia
  • Liver and kidney disorders
  • Taking antipsychotic medications and antihypertensive drugs.

Where to buy Cabergoline Kyiv cheap

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